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Debit Card

Our business debit cards enable you to experience the most seamless and hassle-free foreign currency transaction without any additional fee. You and your employees can use our business debit cards for your business purchases and withdraw cash whenever you need.

How it works

Robust Online Banking Solution


Debit cards for overseas purchases

Our debit cards are the perfect companion for your international business payments. It ensures your overseas purchases are secure, convenient and without the stress of currency exchange.


Enable spending limits

Worried about overspending on business expenses? Our debit card for employees enables them to make business purchases without currency barriers empowering your business globally. With our pre-set spending limits, you are always in control of expenses and can keep track of expenses.


All currency transactions

Our international business account and debit card support transactions in multiple currencies without any complicated conversions and tiresome paperwork. You can simply transact in multiple currencies using one card.

Now Payments in Your Hand

Business payments were never so simple, with no hidden fee, no complicated paperwork or currency exchange issues. The business debit card gives you complete control over your company’s finances.

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Control Over Expenses

With our pre-set limit, you can keep control of your business expenditure to help you manage your budget effectively.

Transaction Updates

We help you stay up-to-date regarding your business expenses. We update you about every transaction made by the Business Debit Card.

Expense Management

Easily track your business expenses, simplifying your financial record-keeping and accounting.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated team is always available to assist you with any queries or concerns regarding your business debit card.

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