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Business Account

International business accounts help your business to handle international transactions in multiple currencies efficiently, with no currency risks, no lengthy currency exchange processes and streamlined global financial payments.

How it works

Take Control Over Your Business Finances


Payment Invoices

Keep track of international payments and transactions easily. The international business account provides automated payment invoices to help you track and manage your cash flow effectively.


Receive Payments

Receive cross-border business payments easily with secure processes and competitive rates. We ensure your accounts are credited quickly and securely in any currency from around the world.


Batch Payments

If you want to send multiple payments in multiple currencies to different recipients in a single transaction, then batch payment is for you. It is a convenient and time-efficient way to manage large-scale business-related payments.

Features & Benefits

Our comprehensive business financial services cover all your financial needs.  Partnering with accredited electronic money institutions, our business account payment facilitation services streamline your financial operations, support your business growth, and provide you with the tools you need to manage your finances efficiently.

Get Started

Easy and Seamless Process

It is very easy to get started; all you need to do is fill in the details, agree to the terms and conditions and, after a verification your account will be ready to use.

Multi-Currency Support

Enjoy the convenience of transacting in various currencies, with streamlined cross-border payments, reduced currency risks and competitive exchange rates.

Robust Security Measures

Our business financial services incorporate robust security measures like multi-factor authentication and fraud monitoring to protect your financial data.

Fast International Transactions

We make international business payments simple and efficient. Now you can make transactions globally just with a few clicks without extra charges or long wait.

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